Making sure you receive your Products as fast as possible is priority to our company. Customer satisfaction is #1, we hereby want to give you clear guidelines on what to expect when purchasing with our company.


Please not that most of the product we offer are custom made for you and hence have individual characteristics that may make us order for production shortly before you order.


Please note that we have a processing time frame after your order. Depending on the destination of the factory your order is produced, PROCESSING TIME MAY TAKE 2-3 DAYS.


After the processing time, please take the time it takes to ship the products to your address into consideration. THIS MAY TAKE BETWEEN 7-20 BUSINESS DAYS (Mo.- Fr.) TO REACH ITS DESTINATION.


Generally, we use a US-Postal service known as e-packet. Please note that with SHIPPING, ORDERED PRODUCTS COULD GENERALLY TAKE 3-4 WEEKS TO ARRIVE. There are however exceptions.


Exceptional cases will be place in the product information, if not, please note the shipping information above.


Please note that: we can’t be held responsible for wrong shipping information provided by you, that may lead to delay or loss of your order.


Neither can we be held responsible for duties and other taxes charged be your countries Authorities.